Miley Cyrus Makes Huge Bong Using Fans' Gifts (PIC)

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Just when you thought those Bangerz stage props were the craziest things Miley Cyrus could come up with...The twerking singer just revealed her epic 5-foot-tall...bong.

Miley went to Instagram over the weekend to show off pictures of her latest smoking device. The best part about the whole thing wasn't it's gigantic height, but the fact that it was decorated by awesome stuff her fans gave her.

"Werk in progress," Miley captioned one pic. The toking device was created using tons of rainbow bracelets, beads, letters, feathers, etc.

"5 foot bong almost complete this one is a collab with my f**kng beyond kiewl fanz," Miley added along with a video showing how tall the piece is.

She topped the bong off with some ribbons and bows. We're pretty sure we see a dinosaur in there too. And then there's that doughnut.

Check out her masterpiece below.

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