David Beckham Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Shirtless

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The whole point of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is to bring awareness to the cause. Well, it's also to raise money, but since the donating is a more private act, the actual ice dumping is the awareness driver.

Thanks to so many celebrities who have joined in on the viral charity sensation, it's hard NOT to be aware of it, which is awesome when you think of the fact that it's all for a really good cause.

Everyone from Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift have stood under the cold buckets to help raise awareness about the disease. A lot of celebrities, like Katy Perry, even put their own spin on it (she did hers on a pirate ship).

David Beckham, however, didn't have to do anything. He just took off his shirt and the very idea of David Beckham shirtless will perk pretty much anybody up. You want to talk about raising awareness, THAT'S how you bring attention to a cause!

Of course a shirtless David is a great enough gift for the internet, but he went ahead and did the challenge, anyway, and as it turns out, the only thing that's hotter than a shirtless David Beckham is a soaking wet shirtless David Beckham.

On behalf of every women, everywhere - thank you Ryan Seacrest, for nominating him!

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