Why Justin Bieber Is Getting Sued...Again

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Justin Bieber better hold on tight to his millions of dollars. He is getting sued again.

According to TMZ, the Biebs is in some legal trouble after his bodyguard allegedly assaulted a photog back in Hawaii a few months ago. While all of that might sound like the same ol' Bieber song and dance, it is, but this time it was over a really lame snapshot.

Paparazzo Aja Oxman claims Bieber was behind a brutal attack against him after he took a picture of the star jumping off a cliff at a Kauai beach. Because of all that, Aja was supposedly lifted in a choke hold and slammed onto the hood of a car. The photographer is claiming that Bieber demanded his bodyguard attack him, and take his camera's memory card. The guard went in full attack mode, and beat the crap out of him to get the footage.

According to the lawsuit, Justin "enjoyed the beating." Bieber is getting blamed, along with the bodyguard, for destroying Aja's camera. The bodyguard was booked for assault and property damage.

This isn't the first time Justin and his bodyguards have been in legal trouble for beating people up (mostly photogs), either. He's currently dealing with an issue in Miami that involves the same situation. Perhaps there IS a problem, here?

There's always two sides of every story. Justin hasn't released any statement about the incident, though.

Whose side are you on? Think Bieber and his guard went too far this time?
Justin Bieber Sued for 'Enjoying' the Beating He Ordered on a Paparazzo

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