Hilarious ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Girl Does Video After Getting Wisdom Teeth Out

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We don't know if we should laugh or cry for this girl taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In her video, she's clearly out of it on the pain medications she's taking for her recent wisdom teeth removal. And she's bleeding.

Is it a complete fail? Not so fast. On the surface, yeah. She's a hot mess from the paid meds. But look at the commitment she has to completing the challenge. In her medicated state she doesn't even know why she has to do it or what the cause is, but she's so compelled to complete it, she's even disobeying her mom's advice to stay in her room.

Meghan Waterman did kind of miss the mark because she didn't want to get her hair wet, instead dumping the bucket at her chest. Close enough, right?

Of course there are plenty of cynics who think Meghan is faking the whole thing, blood and all. We've seen plenty of crazy YouTube videos of people out of their minds after getting their wisdom teeth pulled, so this seems legit. She included in the YouTube description: "i guess for some reason i decided to film an ice bucket challenge an hour after i got my wisdom teeth out? donate to als here!"

And, in mid-panic that her mom will catch her, with blood dripping from her mouth, she even nominated Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer! Too cute.

Meghan told BuzzFeed: "I filmed it, then passed out for like an hour and saw it on my Facebook. So I'm guessing I put it up straight away. After a while I put it up on my Tumblr and it started to get loads of notes and I got really confused. Now I'm still confused but I'm super happy I made people smile.

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