Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Dirty Bath Water?

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Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with their own unique twist – and an eye towards conservation - by using dirty bath water.

Yeah, that sounds downright gross (whose dirty bath water did they use, anyway?). Kristen was nominated by Anne Hathaway and decided to do the challenge with Nicholas, her co-star for their upcoming film, Equals.

Rather than waste water and ice, they re-used some yuck water and decided to plop their heads in the buckets for an extended time before dumping the buckets over their heads. Okay, we guess that works too.

Before kicking off their dunk and dump, Kristen said: "Here's to the fight against ALS. Richard, I love you. Hathaway, get this - this is a f**king real challenge,"

Kristen nominated Brie Larson, Jenny Lewis, Jacki Weaver and Max Thieriot. Nicholas nominated Colin Firth, Craig Roberts, and Joe Dempsie.

After, she said, with a smirk: "In good faith you must believe this was all done with dirty bath water. Please be considerate of California water conservation."

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