PLL's Brendan Robinson 'Feels So Good' in His New Teen Comedy

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Don't worry, Pretty Little Liars' Brendan Robinson's latest project doesn't involve A.

Best known as Lucas on PLL, Brendan has a brand new movie that shows off a side of him we haven't seen much of yet - his comedic side. We had some one-on-one time with the 24-year-old actor to find out what inspires him and why he chose the the teen comedy Feels So Good.

C: What was your inspiration to become an actor?
BR: "I knew that I always wanted to become an actor. I grew up in theater, so I was influenced by a lot of Broadway actors. I thought I was going to go to NYU after high school, study theater and be a NY stage actor. But I would say halfway through high school I discovered the TV and film side of the industry. Tom Hanks was definitely an inspiration. I would love to work with him someday."

C: What can you tell us about Feels So Good?
BR: "It's a teen comedy, kind of in the vain of Superbad and American Pie. My character Allan is a socially awkward high school student, and after my BFF Zack (Matt Shively) loses his virginity and declares himself popular, I'm left with even less friends than before. All that changes when Zack moves in next door and he makes it his personal mission to help me lose my geek status at school. We really see [my character] gain some self confidence and make a transformation through the course of the movie."

C: How is this movie different than other teen comedies?
BR: "The set up is very familiar. The relationship and the way these two characters go through an arc throughout the evening. You don't see a whole lot of character development like that in teen comedies. What I hope makes this film different is the relationship between my character Allan and Matt's charater Zack."

C: How did filming a feature film compare to your schedule on PLL?
BR: "For a feature film, we shot it in a very short period of time, only 19 days of shooting. Because I have a TV background, I'm used to doing 7-8 pages of scripts per day. But in the film world, they'd do like 2 pages a day or less. I was totally in my comfort zone."

Feels So Good is now available on Amazon and Hulu Plus.

Check out part 2 of this interview when Brendan spilled some PLL secrets with us.

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