Taylor Swift Performs "Shake It Off" at VMAs, Chelsea Handler Calls Her "So White"

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We're pretty confused by Taylor Swift's performance of "Shake It Off" tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards.

After being introduced by her BFF Lorde, she started off strong, looking sexy yet classy in a sparkly crop top. We were digging her hair flip and dance moves, not to mention her hot male backup dancers.

But things got weird when she went to the top of the platform then did a strange, awkward speech about not wanting to jump because there's "snakes" down there.

We're not sure if she was throwing some shade at Nicki Minaj, who performed "Anaconda" earlier, but there were no reptiles during her show. The snakes were pulled from her performance after one bit her backup dancer during rehearsals.

When the cameras flashed to Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry's reaction while Tay sang, they looked less than impressed and Chelsea Handler, who presented afterwards, even cracked a joke at her expense.

"I want to thank Taylor Swift for being so white," she said. While it wasn't the kindest comment, at least it was no Kanye situation like what happened in 2009.

What did you think of her performance?
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