Brendan Robinson Tells Us How "Secured" 'Pretty Little Liars' Scripts Really Are

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Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Lucky for us, Pretty Little Liars' Brendan Robinson was nothing but honest when we got to sit down with him and ask our burning questions about the popular show. He couldn't tell us who "A" is, but he did tell us what he thinks of Lucas, how the cast dynamic is and just how cautious the writers really are with the shows' scripts.

C: How has Lucas developed throughout the series?
BR: "When we first met Lucas in season 1 he was self deprecating, very awkward and a dorkier version of Seth Cohen from The OC. Season 2 you don't know if I'm involved with the whole Ali and her disappearance thing, and then it was the more sketchy Lucas. Season 3 you don't know if I killed anyone. Now season 5 after some time away, he comes back with a transformation into the new and improved Lucas. It's been a real journey with the character. I love playing things where you don't see all the layers of the character when you first meet them."

C: We've seen behind-the-scenes hangout pics and videos of the cast and we're pretty jealous. How fun is it working with everyone?
BR: "It's great! We got really lucky to have a group of people that get along and genuinely like each other. That's not always the case. With every show or movie you're bringing people together who don't know each other. Everybody has gotten really close on this show. We hang out outside of work. It's a great environment and we all realize we're lucky to have that."

C: There are so many different characters on PLL. Given the opportunity, which other character would you like to play? ("A" included.)
BR: "I think that I would love to play Mona. I've said this before, but I don't think I'd be able to do the role justice. Janel Parrish does it so brilliantly, she's phenomenal in the role. I can do a less good of a job, she just knocks it out of the park. And I also find Tammin Sursok's role really interesting. Jena, there's a lot of cool stuff happening with that character. Those characters, not everything meets the eye at first glance with them."

C: With "A" being the show's biggest mystery, just how protective of the scripts are the writers?
BR: "Our scripts are secured, so we basically check out our sides with our names on it every single day and we have to turn them in. We actually had an issue last year where a computer got hacked or something, so a couple of the scripts leaked. We've been very, very, very cautious. Because just the nature of the show, they're very cautious when they audition new actors for new roles."

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