Olivia Wilde Tops All Other ALS Ice Bucket Challenges, Does Hers With Breast Milk?

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We've seen plenty of ice bucket challenges so far, but this takes things to a whole other level.

After accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, new mom Olivia Wilde decided to use an ice-cold bucket of breast milk instead of ice water to complete the challenge.

"I would like to dedicate this to my friend Scott Lou," she said in her video. "I will be donating in your honor. I hope it's okay. I couldn't find any water so I'm going to use breast milk. Took me all night to make this."

Just before we got too worried that her son Otis wouldn't have breast milk for several months, the star admitted that she was just kidding. "Oh wait some of you thought that was really breast milk? Oh dear. Uh thank you? But my boobs aren't that generous. Haha.," she tweeted Sunday. Whew.

Her fiancé Jason Sudeikis also took on the challenge (for what seemed like hours) and posted a video that showed his Race costar Stephan James continuously pouring ice water on him and pretending like it was just one bucket full.

After a solid minute of Stephan dumping ice cold water and ice cubes on him, Jason finally said, "Is that it? I hope that's wet enough for you Mitt Romney." Governor Romney was one of the people who nominated him for the challenge.

Since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral earlier this month, donations for the ALS Association have reached nearly $89 million (!). The money will be used to fund research for Lou Gehrig's Disease.

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