Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek: Jenelle's Mom Has Had It With Nathan

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Jenelle Evans' boyfriend Nathan Griffith has never really seen eye-to-eye with her mom Barbara. A lot of times, Jenelle and Nathan don't even see eye-to-eye, so it's not terribly surprising the he wouldn't get along with her mom, either.

It is sad, though, to see the heated arguments Babs and Nathan have ended up in. During their last big blowout, Nathan blamed Barbara for Jenelle's past drug use, which was really hard to hear, especially considering how hard Barbara seems to be trying to help her daughter.

Now, Jenelle seems to have her act together, so Babs and Nathan have been arguing about HIS decisions. Barbara has always been concerned that Nathan was using Jenelle for money, but recently, an even more troubling thing has come to light. Nathan seems to be drinking - a lot.

Jenelle argued with him about it on a past episode and we've seen the legal trouble that has resulted from his drinking. Now that they have a child together and Jenelle is trying to get custody of Jace back, Barbara is concerned about the environment both of her grandchildren will be living in.

Check out the sneak peek from this week's episode above to see their heated discussion and tell us whose side you're on.

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