Taco Bell Is Offering a Lifetime of Free Food

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Love Taco Bell? You might be in for the best surprise ever.

The taco-packed fast food chain is offering up all the grub you can eat for the rest of your life.

And here's how you can get into the action: There are eleven different one-dollar bills in eleven cities around the U.S. marked by a serial number, which Taco Bell is releasing one at a time; One has already been released in Los Angeles, Wednesday they released one in Chicago, and more cities will be getting dollar bills after that. If the serial number on your dollar bill matches the winning serial number, you get Taco Bell for life.

The contest is a part of Taco Bell's Eleven Everlasting Dollars Challenge, which Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein and James Kirkland announced in a YouTube video.

They'll be revealing the serial numbers every day, but if you miss it and want the full list (and the contest rules), head over to Everlastingdollars.com.
Taco Bell Accused Of Scamming Customer With Fake Bills

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