This Little Boy Is Not Excited About His Mom's Pregnancy Announcement: "This Is Exasperating"

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This little boy is completely over his mom's pregnancy.

Rather than jump for joy when his mom, Shanee Gibson Hart, told him and his little sister that she is expecting, Tre went totally off, saying, "What were you thinking? Why do you have to get another baby. You just got two....this is exasperating!"

And then, from his car seat in the family's car, Tre goes on to tell his mom exactly why their family doesn't need another kid. "It just doesn't make no sense," he said. "It makes no sense!"

Also exasperating for Tre is the sound of a baby's cry, which he has had enough of thanks to his little sister. So, he made sure to also go off about the fact that he'll once again be plagued day and night by his little sister or brother's annoying cry.

"Buy me some earplugs," he says after finishing his rant, crossing him arms together. Meanwhile, his little sister sat calmly in the car seat next to him through his breakdown, even cracking a smile.

Hopefully, once the new baby arrives, Tre will let this go.

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