Big Time Rush Responsible for One Direction's U.S. Fame? Kendall Schmidt: "It Sucked For Us"

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Do One Direction owe their U.S. fame to another boy band? In a new interview with, Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush claims that his band was used to get the 1D guys exposure.

Well, here's some interesting inside information about how One Direction blew up. Remember way back when 1D opened for Big Time Rush? Yeah, we can faintly recall it too and so can Kendall, who wasn't all that impressed with how the record label used BTR to nab the 1D guys some U.S. exposure.

Kendall told, "Let's put it this way, when One Direction were opening for us, their support was blossoming. As cool as it was to hang out with them, it sucked for us because there would be 2,000 girls outside the show singing their songs, even though we were headlining."

He added, "The only reason we were on tour with them is because we had the same [record] label and they were using us to promote the band in America. We didn't think that was fair, but it happened and the rest is history."

When Teen asked, "So you can say you had a hand in making One Direction what it is today!," Kendall answered, "I almost had a hand in not having them open for us, that's for sure. I tried my best. It was frustrating!"

Ah, well. Moving on. Kendall is in a new band, Heffron Drive, set to kick off their tour on August 30.
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