Liam Payne's Girlfriend, Sophia Smith, Buys Him Lingerie? Hilarious Interview Ahead

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Time for some intimate details about Liam Payne and girlfriend Sophia Smith, straight from Liam's mouth. So he can't deny any of it.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan about the new One Direction fragrance You & I, Liam and Niall Horan talked about cologne and some other things that we honestly can't remember because Liam dropped this game changer on us: his girlfriend buys him lingerie.

While at first glance, it might sound like Sophia is buying Liam lacy panties to wear, check out the video to see that he's totally joking. Phew. Had us worried a minute there, Liam.

When asked if they'd change their look for a girl, Liam said, "I wouldn't say so because she's not really taking you for who you are." Niall chimed in though that he'd be up for dressing how a girlfriend likes, saying, "I would wear something in particular if they liked it."

Liam added, "Sometimes I get Soph to do a bit of shopping for me, like, 'If you want to see me in...' she goes to the lingerie section."

Liam Payne Turns 21 and Chats About Girlfriend Sophia

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