Yikes! Blake Lively Got Attacked By Bees on Her Birthday

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Let's just say Blake Lively's 27th birthday didn't go off without a hitch.

The former Gossip Girl star got attacked by a swarm of bees on the day of her big 2-7, in the middle of a fab shoot for her Preserve website. Blake wrote on Preserve that on the final day of the shoot she felt "an electric shock of energy." At first she thought it was just her excitement that she was turning a year older, until her butt, neck, back, legs, hands and her forehead started to "hurt like hell."

"I was being shot by dozens of tiny invisible darts," she continued. "I felt like the Wicked Witch, melting, melting, burning, melting. As it happens, I wasn't being greeted by the onset of spontaneous aging, but rather a full-fledged bee day. Attacked. All over. Everywhere."

"I don't know enough about insects to say if they were wasps, honeybees or Mother Nature's miniature flying tasers," she continued. "What I DO know, is that just moments before we were in the midst of a gorgeous fall fashion shoot. Now, I was a Monty Python sketch; running at top speed in no particular direction, whipping my arms and hands around like I'd just discovered they were growing out of my shoulders without my previous knowledge."

"There was a terrible sound piercing the air too...I was later informed this sound had emanated from my very own mouth. I'd prefer to never hear it again. Along with everybody else on the East Coast. I was shaken. I was swollen. I had to stop what I was doing to recuperate," she added.

After pulling herself together after that crazy bee attack, Blake decided to throw a fake 27th birthday party for herself. She went and picked up a vanilla cake, made giant hot fudge sundaes and pulled out her "favorite Preserve treats," – necklaces that looked like gum drops, candles that smelled like birthday cake, hot fudge and sparkling tassels.

And she learned a valuable lesson in the midst of all that chaos. "It wasn't until I covered the counters in coordinating candy sprinkles that I stopped to acknowledge: my butt will deflate more and more, my hands will shrivel and permanently prune, but I will never, ever grow up," she concluded. "It took a swarm of bees to remind me that a b-day is nothing but a number."
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