Access Denied! Britney Spears' Ex Can't Visit or Even Call Her

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Britney Spears is done with David Lucado.

Last week, a video of him reportedly cheating on her surfaced and was being shopped to multiple media outlets. As soon as Britney found out about it, she nixed him from her life.

The pop star's father reportedly purchased the video and showed it to his daughter so she could see first-hand what he had done. His ownership of the clip also prevents anyone else from publishing it, which will hopefully prevent her from being hurt even more by it in the future.

Apparently, David didn't get dumped by Britney directly, so he didn't have a chance to beg for forgiveness - and he's not going to be able to. TMZ reports that he's not welcome at her home in California or her show in Las Vegas AND his phone number has been blocked.

The good news is that Britney seems to be handling the split as well as anyone could. The day after the breakup news broke, Brit posted a light-hearted Instagram video joking that she was having a "really s**tty day" and that her friend's heart sneakers had cheered her up.

Brit was performing in Vegas throughout the weekend and fans had nothing but good things to say about the show, with one saying she had a big smile on her face all night.

Good for you, girl! The show must go on, right?

Oh, and if you're waiting to hear his side of the story, you never will because he signed a confidentiality agreement back when they first got together. Well played, Spears camp!
Britney Spears Breaks Up with David Lucado After Cheating Video Surfaces
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