Dad Secretly Films Daughter's Hilarious Selfie Session

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Everyone knows it takes a few selfies to get the perfect shot. OK, maybe more than "a few." But, this girl takes things to the next level and thanks to her dad capturing it all on camera, we realized just how ridiculous we look during those intense selfie sessions.

Apparently, the father noticed his daughter whipping her hair around a lot in the back of the car and making some strange faces. Eventually, he realized it was a full-on selfie photo shoot and after watching for a minute or so, he decided to take a video of it.

"It made me crack up laughing," her dad told ABC News. "That's why I first put it on Facebook to begin with. Then I put it on YouTube just to hopefully make other people crack up, too. So I hope that's happening, because it's pretty funny."

The daughter admitted that she takes about 50 selfies a day and that she wasn't mad when she found out her father was filming her backseat selfie session. "When I found out he was recording it, I was just laughing at it," she admitted.

We're glad that she can appreciate the humor in it because since the video was uploaded on August 23, over 5 million people have already watched and been able to laugh with her.

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