Demi Lovato Fires Back at Bullies Who Attacked Her Sister: "You Deserve to Rot in Hell"

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Demi Lovato is a fierce warrior. So, it was no surprise when she totally stood up for her sister, Madison De Le Garza, after she was bullied online. Demi was understandably upset when Maddie, who suffers from scoliosis, was being picked on - and she wasn't going to let it slide, taking to Twitter to fire back and support her sister.

Demi addressed the bullying with a Twitter DM, writing: "Are you F**KING kidding me! Make fun of me all you want but making fun of my little sister's scoliosis is F**KED UP WTF is wrong with you"

She added, "How f**king DARE YOU... You deserve to rot in hell"

Demi tweeted to her followers: "For anyone telling me to 'chill'.. The impact bullies have over the internet can lead people to suicide. I can handle the bullshit. But do NOT fuck with my baby sister. I'm all for peace and spreading love UNTIL you go after a 12 YEAR OLD who did NOTHING to you.. So disappointed that after all the conversation about cyber bullying in this world that people would continue to do this to others. @Maddielovesyou1 you are BEAUTIFUL and the most precious little angel in my life and I will always protect you. I LOVE YOU"

She added, "Physical disabilities are NOTHING to joke about. SEVERE SCOLIOSIS IS NOTHING TO MAKE FUN OF. #MADISONISBEAUTIFUL #FeelBetterMaddie... True Lovatics - GO!!!! I love you guys.. You have the power to cheer her up.. we love you"
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