Plastic Pals! Human Ken Hangs With the Extreme Human Barbie

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Well, if this isn't a match made in plastic surgery heaven, we don't know what is!

Justin Jedlica (aka the human Ken doll) hung out with the "Extreme Human Barbie" (Lacey Wildd) in Miami last week and they seemed to get along really well.

So well, in fact, Justin Instagrammed a playful pic where he's grabbing her breasts with the caption "Being THIS close to Lacey for too long ... and I just can't help myself! I gotta do ittttt!!!!"

Obviously, this meeting went much better than Justin's encounter with the other human Barbie (Valeria Lukyanova). Justin said that Valeria tried too much to be like a mannequin and that she didn't really have much of a personality.

Lacey, on the other hand, has tons of personality and Justin obviously appreciated it. They certainly have a lot to talk about, too. Justin has admitted to having 149 plastic surgeries and Lacey has admitted to 36, so...that's a pretty good icebreaker!

As cool as it would have been for these two to have a love connection, Justin is an openly gay married man, so it looks like they're just going to have to settle for being perfectly-chiseled pals.
Human Ken Reacts To Meeting Human Barbie
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