Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek: Jenelle Argues With Her Mom Over How to Raise Jace

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Jenelle Evans and her mom have been getting along pretty well lately, as far as we've seen on Teen Mom 2, anyway.

They used to have huge screaming matches almost every episode, which would often end with Jenelle going to crash at a friend's place for a few days or even sleeping in her car.

We thought things were different this season because Jenelle seems to have matured so much and she's even trying to get custody of Jace back, which shows at least some progress.

This sneak peek of this week's Teen Mom 2, however, was a little disappointing. Jenelle and Barbara are at it again and it's because Jenelle's son Jace is misbehaving.

Jenelle seems to think it's Barbara's fault and says none of that stuff happens when Jace is with her, but in Barbara's defense, she's had to be the disciplinarian for four years while she raised him, so he's obviously going to feel differently about her than he does about Jenelle.

We think it's kind of sad to see Barbara being made out to be the bad guy when she's done so much to help Jenelle. Yes, she yells a lot, but she's had to deal with A LOT of frustrating stuff.

What do you guys think? Do you feel bad for Barbara or are you on Jenelle's side in this one?

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