Britney Spears' Ex David Lucado Claims They Were on a Break When He Hooked Up With Someone Else

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One very important thing about being on a break with someone, especially if you're planning on hooking up with someone ELSE, is that both parties need to be fully aware that said "break" is in progress.

Unfortunately for Britney Spears and David Lucado, he's apparently the one who thought that they were on a break when he made out (on camera!) with another girl.

The night before the hookup, Brit reportedly sent David a text that said "I'm done with you" after an argument, which he clearly took as the green light to get it on with someone else.

According to TMZ, David really wants to get in touch with Britney to let her know they were on a break when he got busy, but he's going to have a tough time doing that because his number has been blocked and he himself has been blocked from her house and Vegas show.

It's just as well, though. We very much doubt Britney would buy the "we were on a break" excuse because she is the other half of that arrangement and she obviously doesn't agree with that convenient relationship status update.

During her Las Vegas show, Brit admitted that her boyfriend had cheated on her and made no mention of the supposed relationship recess.

What do you guys think? Did her text qualify as a break? Even if it did, shouldn't he have given it at least a couple of days before he got it on with someone else? They had been together for a year and a half...
Britney Spears Puts Cheating Ex on Blast
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