Why Jennifer Lawrence Can't Get Those Naked Photos Taken Down

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After stolen nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked on the internet by hackers, her legal team is understandably doing everything they can to get them pulled down.

But unfortunately, it seems they hit a snag after a porn site figured out a legal loophole around the cease and desist letter they wrote to the site demanding they remove the naked pics.

According to TMZ, the porn site is claiming J. Law doesn't have the copyright to some of her own photos.

Some of the leaked snaps are obviously selfies, where the Hunger Games actress is holding the camera, but others were clearly by taken someone else. The site argues that those photos belong to whoever took them, so she doesn't have a copyright claim to them.

Gymnast McKayla Maroney was able to get photos taken down after her lawyer claimed she was underage at the time they were taken. It doesn't look like J. Law will be able to use that tactic, unfortunately, since she's 24.

So we guess the lesson here is, if you're going to take photos in the buff, make sure you're clearly holding the camera? Ugh. Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos Leaked
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