Catfish Star Nev Schulman Reveals His Shocking Past in New Memoir

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Who knew Nev Schulman was such a rebel?

The soft-spoken, always cordial (except for that one time) host of the popular MTV show Catfish has just released a memoir, which would be a totally scandalous tell-all about his past as a juvenile delinquent, except that he chose to expose himself.

In an excerpt from the book (via RadarOnline), Nev opens up about things we would have never (ever!) believed from his past, like drug dealing, stealing, getting arrested and other shocking behavior.

"My real problem was stealing," he writes. "I stole DVDs from Tower Records, clothing from Ralph Lauren, and a host of other miscellaneous items."

One of those miscellaneous items was liquor from a restaurant he broke into. After that, the emboldened teen started selling drugs. He also broke into other places, like his school cafeteria, where he says he "took a dump" in the cereal dispenser.

He also wrecked a couple of cars during his wild streak and admits that it's a miracle he's still alive. Fortunately, he is, and has managed to totally turn his life around.

...And all this time, we thought he was always that sweet, innocent Nev who we all have a secret nerd crush on. Who knew that just a few years ago, he was sh**tting in cereal dispensers?!
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