Chloe Grace Moretz and Tyler Posey Try to Save the World from a "Snackpocalypse"

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Forget battling creepy villains and dealing with the aftermath of car crashes, Tyler Posey and Chloe Grace Moretz have a much bigger issue on their hands: saving the world from a major "Snackpocalypse."

"After the war, everything changed," Chloe says, as wind blows through her hair in the "Funny or Die" clip. "They promised us revolution. They brought us revolution per their promise."

That revolution was junk food everywhere, thanks to a new student body president who made good on his promise to replace the healthy snacks inside of the vending machines at school with sugary, fatty grub (as well as "free money" to buy it).

Unfortunately, his snack plan goes wrong when all the students start turning into junk food zombies because of it.

In what looks like a parody of Divergent, Chloe is told she is "different" from the other kids at school by a school nurse and Tyler Posey, who tells her to keep quiet after she admits she still likes eating fruits and vegetables.

"What do you think you're doing? Listen to me very carefully...don't let them hear you," the Teen Wolf star says, before telling her she is "the one" that can put an end to the Snackpocalypse.

Take a look at the full clip above, including a special appearance from Michelle Obama!

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