The 7 Stages of Putting on a Pair of Skinny Jeans

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Putting on skinny jeans is an activity that requires patience, strategy and skill. Yes, sometimes we buy our jeans too small because we plan on dropping a size and sometimes they just seem to shrink inside of our closet (someone needs to look into that). Either way, there are seven stages we all go through when we're trying to squeeze into that coveted pair of jeans. 

Stage 1: Pull

Stage 2: Pull harder

Stage 3: The squat-n-stretch. Whatever you've got in there, use it to stretch those babies out

Stage 4: Lay down and pull…gravity is your friend

Stage 5: Gravity is a back-stabbing b**tch, stand back up and give it another go

Stage 6: Check the size. S**t...they're your "comfy jeans"

Stage 7: Yoga pants!


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