Miley Cyrus Pulls a Taylor Swift, Responds to Homeless Fans on Facebook

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Apparently reaching out to fans on social media is the cool thing to do these days. Not only has Taylor Swift done it several times already, but now Miley Cyrus is following in her footsteps.

Since Miley took her homeless date Jesse Helt to the MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks ago, fans have reached out to her online about their own personal struggles. One Smiler in particular, Quay Medley, told Miley that she spent her entire childhood homeless or in foster care. She even explained how she ended up homeless after graduating college.

"Everyone judging, please ask yourself where you would be without your parents," Quay wrote on the singer's Facebook page. Shockingly Miley replied, "EVERYONE has a past & EVERYONE evolves! Hearing these stories is so inspiring and keep me focused on how important MFP [My Friend's Place] is to young homeless youth."

Fan Tanya Robles posted a story about growing up living in a van and having to clean herself in public park bathrooms. "I know how it feels to be homeless," she posted. "Be thankful for what you have." Miley sent her a sweet response too.

Taylor recently did the same thing, and reached out to a fan who posted to her about being bullied. Her message, like Miley's, was inspiring as well. Read about that here.
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