Teen Mom 2 Reunion Drama: Whose Dad and Baby Daddy Had a Big Blowout?

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Of course there was drama at the Teen Mom 2 reunion! Did you expect anything less?

This blowout comes to us courtesy of Adam Lind, but he wasn't arguing with his ex, Chelsea Houska. He was actually arguing with her dad, which is probably 100 times worse because Randy Houska doesn't exactly have a soft spot for Adam the way Chelsea does.

During the taping of the show, the two apparently argued about Adam's recent fiery car crash that came very close to killing him. On the show, we've seen Chelsea cringe at the thought of what would have happened if their daughter was in the car with him.

According to RadarOnline, Randy finally got a chance to share his thoughts on the situation and things blew up faster than Adam's car did.

As usual, Adam had his own card ready to play and accused Randy and Chelsea of badmouthing him in front of his daughter. Chelsea does talk about Adam a lot in front of Aubree, but in her defense, he's disappointed her SO many times and she has Aubree most of the time.

Still, maybe she should wait until Aubree is asleep because we have a feeling Aubree will soon figure out what "A-D-A-M" means.

No premiere date for the reunion has been announced yet, but we can't wait to see all of this unfold in front of the camera. Especially because Adam and Randy reportedly argued with Dr. Drew, too. Wonder whose side he was on?
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