Jamie Lynn Spears Found an Alligator in Her Dressing Room and Was Totally Cool With It

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Usually, celebrities' dressing rooms are supposed to have things that will make them feel more at home while they're hanging backstage, getting ready for whatever it is they're doing at the venue.

In Jamie Lynn Spears' case, she found something that did make her feel like she was back home in Louisiana, but it wasn't exactly a scented candle and soothing music type of situation.

"Walked in and found an alligator in my dressing room... #normal," she singer posted on her Instagram page from backstage at the Luzerne County Fair in Pennsylvania. The baby gator was probably one of the attractions at the fair, but we still would have been totally freaked!

Growing up in Louisiana, though, Jamie Lynn has surely seen her fair share of much bigger gators, so she wasn't even fazed by it. The 23-year-old actually looked quite comfortable holding the itty bitty gator.

Yes, his mouth was taped, but we still don't think we would have been brave enough to embrace the situation the way Jamie Lynn did!
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