Some Models Are Mad at Kendall Jenner for Taking Their Jobs

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Kendall Jenner is being called fashion's next "it girl" and in addition to gracing magazine covers, photo spreads and the like, she's currently walking in one of THE biggest fashion events of the year - New York Fashion Week.

The budding model definitely has the body and the beauty of a model, but some are questioning whether she would have started with all of these high-profile gigs if she wasn't Kim Kardashian's little sister. We know, she dropped the "Jenner" from her modeling card, but that doesn't mean much when you consider her connections.

Apparently, some of the models are actually getting mad because she's taking away jobs that would otherwise be theirs.

"It takes a spot away from a model that isn't a reality show star," Click Model Management's director told Fox News. "The fact that she's Kim Kardashian's sister, and Kanye West's sis in law, and went to Valentino's house, and that Kim Kardashian was wearing a Givenchy. Well, put it together."

Model Sierra Illig chimed in with a similar sentiment, telling the site, "It is hard to see our modeling jobs being handed over so quickly to celebrities simply because of their fame, familiar face, and Hollywood connections."

To be fair, nepotism exists in pretty much every industry, so is she not supposed to pursue her dream just because she's being given these opportunities?

And we've never heard once that Kendall isn't putting in the time or effort, so yes, a door might have been opened for her, but don't you think she's showing that she deserves it?

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