Teenage Student Forced to Wear "Shame Suit" Because School Felt Her Skirt Was Too Short

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Miranda Larkin put on what she thought was a cute outfit for her third day of school - a black skirt with a blue patterned top.

When she arrived at school, however, she was sent to the nurse's office where she was forced to change into a "shame suit" for her apparent dress code violation.

"I got dress coded at school today. They put me in an extra large highlighter yellow t-shirt and red sweatpants that said 'dress code violation' and tried to make me go to class like that. I called home and left school early," she wrote on her Facebook page.

Here is the outfit she got dress-coded for:

Miranda was apparently so upset about the punishment that she broke out in hives. Her mother is furious and wants to stop this policy, which she referred to as "bullying."

Dress code violators at the school are supposed to have three options: staying in the outfit and doing an in-school suspension, changing into the shame suit or calling someone to bring them a new outfit. Miranda says she was only given one option: the shame suit.

Do you guys think the punishment was unfair?

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