Taylor Swift Reveals Why She Hasn't Dated Anyone Since Harry Styles

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Taylor Swift's new album might spill the beans on some young Hollywood drama, but don't expect too much boy talk. The singer recently revealed in a Rolling Stone interview that, not only will 1989 include a diss track about Katy Perry called "Bad Blood", but that she hasn't dated anyone since One Direction's Harry Styles, too.

"I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of national pastime. And I'm just not comfortable providing that kind of entertainment anymore," she said. "I don't like seeing slide shows of guys I've apparently dated. I don't like giving comedians the opportunity to make jokes about me at awards shows."

Tay continued. "I don't like it when headlines read 'Careful, Bro, She'll Write a Song About You,' because it trivializes my work. And most of all don't like how all these factors add up to build the pressure so high in a new relationship that it gets snuffed out before it even has a chance to start. And so I just don't date."

Aw, that kind of makes us sad. Did she really just say she doesn't date because of all the hype people make about it? We feel a little guilty...

Don't think this means Tay's into one-nighters either. "I just think it's pointless if you're not in love," she said about hooking up. "And I don't have the energy to be in love right now. So no."

"It's not like I've sworn off love," she went on. "My life is just not conducive to bringing other people into it right now. I'm very childlike and romantic about lots of things, but I'm realistic about this...it's not bad that I'm not hopelessly in love with someone. It's not a tragedy, and it's not me giving up and being a spinster."

Taylor doesn't need a man anyway. She seriously has like the most famous friends ever. From Selena Gomez to Ed Sheeran, she's anything but alone.

"I really like my life right now," Tay told the mag. "I have friends around me all the time. I've started painting more. I've been working out a lot. I've started to really take pride in being strong. I love the album I made. I love that I moved to New York. So in terms of being happy, I've never been closer to that."
Taylor Swift Makes a Big Dating Confession

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