The 7 Most Ridiculous Moments From Kim Kardashian's Ice Bucket Challenge Video

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Kim Kardashian finally completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and in true Kim Kardashian fashion, she made it a big event. Not only did she snap selfies while she was doing it, she did it all on national television. Here are the 7 most ridiculous moments from Kim's ice bucket challenge. 

1. She screamed before she'd even seen the ice...or the bucket...or the ice bucket.

2. The bedazzled bucket. This is about charity, not being chic

3. The whole selfie thing, on a phone that clearly wasn't hers because Kim would never put her prized selfie-snapper anywhere near anything that could harm it

4. The bucket was still half-full (or half-empty, whichever way you feel about it) when she stood up and walked away

5. She didn't even nominate anybody

6. The strategic skirt slit

7. The fact that she did it on national TV while the rest of us did ours in our backyards or bathtubs. Plus, it was all a little late. The ice bucket was SO last month.


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