Anna Kendrick Threw Away Real Diamond Earrings from a Creepy Fan

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Anna Kendrick was so creeped out when a seemingly obsessed fan sent her a pair of diamond earrings that she threw them in the trash.

"I got [a gift] with, like, a really long letter about how he really felt like we should be together, and if I would just give him a chance, and he didn't want to do it over social media because he thought that would pressure me because it was public...he [wanted] to be a gentleman," Anna said on Marc Maron's "WTF Podcast" this week. "And he, uh, sent me a pair of diamond earrings."

"Get the f**k out of here," Marc said. "For real ones?"

"For real diamond earrings," Anna responded. "I did go and check. And I was just like, these have to go into the trash. I can't. I cannot. I cannot wear them. I can't give them to someone. It's too weird. If the teddy bear goes in the trash, these go in the trash. Just on principle. So, I had to throw them away. If you send something to my house, it's going in the trash." Yikes!

Okay, we completely get that it's creepy that this guy found Anna's address and sent her diamond earrings...but, we probably would've had to keep the earrings, say we trashed them and then turn them into a necklace. Or something.

Just sayin'.
Anna Kendrick Threw Away a Stalker's Diamond Earring Gift

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