Kylie Jenner Reveals Plans to Move Out

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Poor Kris Jenner! First Bruce moved out, then Kendall moved out and now Kylie is getting ready to fly the coop, too. That means she's officially going to be the only Kardashian or Jenner living in the Kardashian/Jenner compound, which is actually kinda sad.

Yes, one of her daughters is still living there (for now), but Kim has made it very clear she's Mrs. West now - and don't get it twisted or she will correct you. Plus, it's only a matter of time before KimYe and North move into the $20 million mansion they just bought.

So, that leaves 17-year-old Kylie, who, in her new interview with Miss Vogue just revealed that she's ready to go out on her own, too. "Kendall recently moved out into her own apartment. I definitely miss her but I see her all the time...and I'll start looking for my own place in six months," she explained.

Kendall definitely went out on a limb moving to Los Angeles while the rest of the family lives about 30 minutes away in Calabasas. Wonder if Kylie will stay in the suburbs or follow Kendall out to LA?

One thing's for sure, she won't be moving in with Kim and Kanye. In yet another surprise revelation, Kylie revealed that she and Kim sometimes butt heads, but says it's "in a sisterly manner."

Like when Kim got mad that Kylie promised she wouldn't have blue hair for her wedding and went ahead and did it, anyway? Yeah, kinda like that...

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