Move Over Ellen DeGeneres: These Two Guys Dancing to Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Came to Win

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These two guys did not come to play games. They came to slay.

University of California Irvine students Jeffrey Caluag and Dimitry Mendez completely crushed their choreography for Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda," giving it. all. as they showed off their dance moves.

The duo played it cool as the video began, but as the school bell in the song rang and Nicki's first lyrics dropped, Jeffrey and Dimitry went full force, popping, snapping and just killing it.

Ellen DeGeneres also put her own spin on Nicki's "Anaconda" video, superimposing herself into it as she attempted to do the moves in a white tank and cut off denim shorts.

"There was a lot of booty popping right there and I may have popped a booty muscle," she said, before revealing that Nicki would be on the show Wednesday. When Nicki did make her appearance, Ellen talked to her about how successful the original "Anaconda" video has been, saying that it had hit 115 million views.

"I really don't know how it happened," Nicki said. "Yes, you do," Ellen replied, referring to all of the twerking and scantily clad booty shaking going on in it.

"I'm just saying it, cause I wanna help you be successful," she continued. "You're very successful. If you would've put the version on, the one that I was in, the one that I shot with you, it would've had more views. So, I'm gonna show them."

And then she showed the video, which made Nicki smile and giggle. "You are hilarious," she told Ellen.

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