The Killer Clown Prankers Are Back...With Two Creepy Clowns

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The killer clown prank has returned, and this time the creepy character brought his even creepier "uncle" with him.

Rather than just terrorize the town with one killer clown, DM Pranks sent two out to scare the crap out of people, placing them in the dark in alleys, on steam rollers, near fields, on bridges and much more.

As the pranks went down and people spotted the clowns, a few ran immediately, but one particularly confused guy standing on a bridge at night by himself (!) decided to ask questions while both clowns slowly approached him.

After asking 'what are you doing,' 'is this a joke,' and other questions, the guy finally smartened up, realized they were trapping him and jumped into a lake to escape them. When he later realized it was a prank, the man ended up calling the cops and "nearly had the whole crew arrested," according to the production company.

We have asked this once, twice and way too many more times: If a killer clown is heading your way, why would you stand there and ask them what they are up to?! Chances are, they are coming to end your life. So, just make a run for it.

Luckily, for everyone involved, the prank video, which took five weeks to produce, was all just a joke.

Still, we can all learn a valuable lesson from this. If you see a killer clown coming your way, and it's not Halloween, run.



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