How Is Catelynn Lowell Going to Tell Her Second Child About Carly?

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Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are currently expecting their second child, but it isn't as straight-forward as it sounds.

In a heart-wrenching decision, the reality stars decided to place their daughter Carly for adoption during their 16 & Pregnant episode. While they do have an open adoption, they only get to see Carly twice a year and she obviously has a family of her own.

So, now that they're expecting another daughter, how is that going to work when they visit Carly? What are they going to tell her? Are they going to tell their second child that Carly is her sister?

"I'll never hide anything from my kids. Our child [will grow up] with Carly around her," Catelynn revealed to In Touch. "My hope is that they'll have a great relationship one day. They're sisters."

Still, Catelynn and Tyler are being respectful of Carly's adoptive parents and will do things how ever they choose to. Catelynn says she doesn't feel that it's her place to tell Carly about her biological sister and that her parents will tell Carly when they're ready to.

Hopefully they're able to do that before next summer, because Catelynn says they're going to be bringing the new baby with them when they come to visit Carly.

What would you guys do in that situation? Would you tell both kids? Not tell them? Wait to see if they ask? It's a tough call.

Catelynn and Tyler are returning for another season of Teen Mom, airing next year. We can't wait to see them with their baby girl when she's born this winter.

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