Why Does Leah Calvert Always Sound Sick on Teen Mom 2?

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We couldn't help but notice how poor Leah Calvert always sounds sick on Teen Mom 2. It's especially noticeable during the voiceovers, when it sounds like her nose is completely clogged up.

At first, we wondered if maybe they recorded all of the voiceovers in one day and she happened to be sick that day. Then, we realized that she sounded sick on pretty much all of the episodes, too.

Turns out, a lot of people noticed and one fan even took to Twitter to ask her, probably never expecting an answer, but she responded and she was actually really nice about it.

"Why does Leah always sound like she has a blocked nose on #TeenMom2," they wrote. "Lol. It's funny how you said it, but yes there may have been a couple times I had a cold," she responded. "I have severe allergies literally all year round and suppose to carry a epi pen and take allergy medicine and I'm horrible at doing it."

Wow, that sounds serious. We never knew she suffered from allergies at all, never mind having them to the extent where she had to carry an EpiPen.

We feel really bad for Leah, poor thing has enough to worry about with little Ali's health and constantly making sure she and her other two daughters are taken care of, now she's gotta worry about a potentially fatal allergic reaction, too? Tough stuff, but if anyone can handle having all of that on her plate, it's definitely Leah.
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