Kanye West Halts Concert Because Two Fans Wouldn't Stand Up for Him, But They Couldn't

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We didn't think this was actually even possible, but it's true - Kanye West has just out Kanye'd himself.

During the "Bound 2" singer's concert in Australia on Friday night, 'Ye demanded that two concert-goers stand up and dance, because apparently you are not properly worshipping Yeezus until you are on your feet.

Only problem is that one had a prosthetic leg and the other was wheelchair-bound. Kanye wasn't giving up that easy, though. He actually seemed to need confirmation that they were, in fact, physically unable to get on their feet.

The whole thing is utterly cringe-worthy and while most of us would profusely apologize if we'd made a mistake like that, Kanye West is not most of us.

After the fan with the prosthetic leg actually waved it in the air as proof, he got a pass, but the guy in the wheelchair needed to provide his own evidence. Kanye actually sent one of his peeps to go over and check to make sure the guy was actually in a wheelchair before he would proceed with the concert.

We can't even imagine how that made the poor fans feel. Maybe he was just trying to be cool about the whole thing and play it off, but we still feel really bad for those two concert-goers after being put on the spot like that.

What do you guys think? Did he totally cross the line or was he just being thorough?
Kanye West Stops Concert After Fan In Wheelchair Doesn't Stand Up


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