How Did Kim Kardashian React When Two Girls Flashed Her Husband?

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Crazy things happen at concerts, especially when the performer is a male. Bras are known to come off, thongs go flying through the air, sometimes as a last resort, a tampon or two can get launched up onto the stage.

When Kanye West is performing, all of those things are fair game - in between rants, and calling out people in wheelchairs for not standing up, of course.

The only thing is that Kanye is a married man now and his wife is often in the audience, as was the case when two girls flashed their boobs at the "Bound 2" singer while Kim Kardashian watched from the VIP section.

They even turned toward her to make sure she saw, which she did. So, what did she do? She laughed and clapped right along with the rest of the crowd. Kim knows what she's got and she knows who Kanye is going home with, so she didn't seem threatened at all.

Still, while we totally admire Kim's confidence, we're not sure if we'd be that cool about our husband getting flashed right in front of us!

Check out the video below to see her reaction. Would you have been that calm about it or would you have been a little annoyed? Honestly.

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