Kim Kardashian Has Very Specific Requests for Interviews: But Are They Really That Outrageous?

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There is a new report out that exposes Kim Kardashian's "diva demands." According to a reporter, who recently interviewed the reality star, Kim has a long list of interview requirements, restrictions and the like.

But, are they really THAT outrageous?

Australian journalist Melissa Hoyer tells RadarOnline that Kim's time is handled with "military precision" and that for her particular interview, she was allowed eight minutes with Kim, beginning precisely at 1:24 p.m. Also, in between interviews, Kim gets about a minute of "Kim time" to collect her thoughts.

Doesn't sound too crazy to us. In fact, we wouldn't want to do back-to-back interviews without a few seconds to breathe in between, either.

So, what else does Kim demand? "She asked the camera guy to shoot from the 'waist-up' after she had seen the monitor shot of herself in front," she explained.

Still doesn't sound too terribly divalicious - we've heard way worse. Plus, butts have a tendency to want to spread their wings whenever we sit on a flat surface, which is never hot.

Lastly, Kim required that the questions be pre-approved, which is also not unheard of. There is nothing the tabloids would love more than to see an unexpected, probing question thrown at a celeb their deer-in-the-headlights reaction, so they try to prevent that kind of stuff from happening.

For what it's worth, whether you think her demands fall into the diva category or not, the interviewer said that she actually really liked Kim, even though she only got to talk to her for eight minutes.

Do you guys think Kim is being a diva?
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