Mindy Kaling's Advice for Young Women, Hilarious Take on Nude Photo Scandal

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Mindy Kaling rocked the Cambio house on Friday, when she was in New York as part of AOL's BUILD Series. Mindy, 35, is basically our girl crush, spirit animal and #BUILTBYGIRLS idol all rolled into one - she embodies the ethos of being a girl who can be anything she wants to be, and build anything she wants to build.

We loved her advice for young women struggling with confidence as they look to create something: "...[don't] focus on anyone telling you can't do anything...or the politics of the situation. Just think about your art or the thing you want to do." She also spoke about how empowering young women is not about appearing on panels all the time to talk about how to be confident "even if you're not white, not skinny and a woman - white men aren't out there doing panels! The advice I give women is to support each other without distracting each other. Put your head down and work hard."

Mindy also talked about the passing of Joan Rivers, and though she didn't know her, she thought Rivers was "fearless." She taught women to "let their sensitivities drop" and "not to be offended if people don't like your clothes or call you fat and ugly." Mindy said that, in the end, "[things are] only important if we let them wound us - don't take it personally."

When asked what her blueprint for life was, Mindy said she was already living her life's dream - having her own TV show. So basically, she "could die now." Although, as she put it, that would be tragic, but also "kinda dramatic and cool."

And the best advice she's gotten? "Be kind."

So basically, she just got even more amazing than we thought she was.

Obviously, Mindy touched on the heavier issues too. Like, why did no one want to leak HER sex photos on Reddit? (Apparently, she has "so many of them" and her phone password is "1234.") She also LOVES fax machines. Could she steal the adorable child in the audience asking questions from his family and take him home with her? Yes, you heard it here first: Mindy's next show will be Kid and Mindy Against the World. And her dream guest co-stars on The Mindy Project? Howard Stern, Sam Rockwell and Reese Witherspoon, to name a few.

Ok, fine, we'll stop fan-girling now.

Check out Mindy's BUILD interview in its entirety.

The Mindy Project Season 3 returns to FOX on September 16. #BUILTBYGIRLS

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