Robin Thicke Opens Up About Drug Abuse, Lying to the Media in "Blurred Lines" Deposition

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Robin Thicke got more than candid in his "Blurred Lines" deposition, in which he reveals quite a few wild things about his drug use and lies to the media.

The sworn testimony is a part of a lawsuit that Robin, Pharrell and song co-writer T.I. filed to try to protect "Blurred Lines" from claims that it is a rip-off, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Those claims are mainly coming from Marvin Gaye's children, who are accusing the trio of making an unauthorized version of their dad's 1977 hit, "Got to Give It Up." The family filed summary motion papers last week and also submitted an audio mash-up of both songs to prove their point.

Robin and Pharrell both gave their depositions last April, in which Robin was forced to explain his statements to the media about how the late music legend inspired him.

The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Pre-GRAMMY Gala And Salute To Industry Icons Honoring  Lucian Grainge - ShowIn one interview with GQ Magazine, for example, Robin told the mag, "Pharrell and I were in the studio and I told him that one of my favorite songs of all time was Marvin Gaye's 'Got to Give It Up.' I was like, 'Damn, we should make something like that, something with that groove.' Then he started playing a little something and we literally wrote the song in about a half hour and recorded it."

When Robin gave his testimony, though, he said that wasn't true, adding that after writing and producing six albums himself, "I was jealous and I wanted some of the credit... I tried to take credit for it later because [Pharrell] wrote the whole thing pretty much by himself and I was envious of that."

When asked if he was there with Pharrell when the track was being created, Robin said, "To be honest, that's the only part where - I was high on vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio. So my recollection is when we made the song, I thought I wanted - I - I wanted to be more involved than I actually was by the time, nine months later, it became a huge hit and I wanted credit."

"I started kind of convincing myself that I was a little more part of it than I was and I - because I didn't want him - I wanted some credit for this big hit. But the reality is, is that Pharrell had the beat and he wrote almost every single part of the song."

Robin said he was just "lucky enough to be in the room" when Pharrell wrote the song, and that he made up the story because he "thought it would help sell records."

He went on to say he couldn't really remember the comments he made to the media because he "had a drug and alcohol problem for a year," and "didn't do a sober interview."

As for why Robin was given a co-writer credit, which gave him about 18-22 percent of publishing royalties, Pharrell said, "This is what happens every day in our industry. You know, people are made to look like they have much more authorship in the situation than they actually do. So that's where the embellishment comes in."

The trial is currently scheduled to start Feb. 10, 2015.
Robin Thicke: I Was Too Wasted on Vicodin to Write 'Blurred Lines'

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