Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About These Cycling Uniforms?

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The Colombia women's cycling team's uniforms are sparking some serious controversy.

The yellow and red cycling kits are plenty colorful on the top, but from the waist down, their lack of color has created a lot of buzz for all the wrong reasons.

The flesh-colored section of the outfits gives off the appearance that we're seeing more skin than we actually are and some people are pretty upset about it.

BBC News even censored the outfits, with a black bar covering their crotch areas. Cycling Weekly called the kit "truly terrible" and many Twitter users have taken to the social media site to share in the outrage.

Others have brought out the fact that a lot of male cycling kits (regardless of color) are actually a lot more revealing.

What do you guys think? Is this outfit inappropriate or are people overreacting?
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