'Apparently Kid' Noah Ritter Stars in His First Commercial: Watch it Here!

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Noah Ritter's new word might be "seriously," but he's giving his catchphrase "apparently" another spin in his first commercial.

In the online spot for Freshpet food, the talkative redhead plays with puppies and gives his take on why the brand's dog food is the "best ever!"

He starts off by telling a story about two dogs named Barney and Ed who both had a friendship, but one of the dogs "didn't like any of the food and it made his farts stink day and night."

That is until the dog tried Freshpet food...and loved it. "Apparently that's some good food," Noah says as a fluffy black dog chows down in front of him. And before the commercial is over, the kindergartener wraps it up with one epic mic drop.

The 5-year-old Pennsylvania native shot to internet fame after a local news interview of him at the Wayne County Fair went viral, in which he kept saying "apparently."

After becoming known as the "Apparently Kid," He went on to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, telling the talk show host he is totally over 'apparently' and his new word is "seriously."

We seriously think this kid was made for showbiz.
'Apparently Kid' Gets First Commercial with Freshpet
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