Don't Want the New U2 Album? Here's How You Can Get Rid of It

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We always love getting stuff for free - except when it's stuff we don't want, as was the case with so many iTunes users who suddenly found themselves in possession of the new U2 album.

Instead of being thrilled that we'd received a free album from one of the most popular bands of 20 years ago, a lot of us were pretty pissed that we'd basically been album-spammed.

So, how did the album end up in your cloud in the first place? That's the easy part, it was part of an iTunes giveaway. Lucky you. How do we get rid of them? Well, that part isn't as simple.

The outrage over the free giveaway because so widespread, Apple actually set up an official page to remove the album from your account.

But just so you know, you can't change your mind in a year and go back and download it again from your "previous purchases." That's a risk we're willing to take...

Our guess is that Sharon Osbourne has probably already visited the site, considering she blasted the band on Twitter after she found the album in her iTunes account.

Fwiw, Sharon is a longtime music manager, so she knows a thing or two about the biz. Were you guys mad when you found the U2 album in your iTunes?
Not Everyone Is Thrilled About Apple's Free U2 Album
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