Harry Styles Pays Girls' Bar Tab, Smashes Cupcake in One of Their Faces

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Well, if it isn't Harry Styles acting all darling again. Harry recently paid off a group of girls' bar tab, after hanging out with them and smushing a cupcake into one of the girl's faces. Let us explain.

While shoving food in someone's face doesn't exactly sound like the super polite Harry we know and love, it was her birthday. Twitter user @ashleyematthews explained the night's events on Twitter and Instagram, tweeting: "Harry styles just shoved a cupcake in @whiteswanttweets 's face. Then paid our bar tab. #1d..."

She followed it up with more pics of Harry "plotting his cupcake attack" and "cupcaking" her friend - and you can bet she got plenty of comments from jealous One Direction fans. Ashley even had a little fun with it, writing on Instagram: "@emilycgordon had a surprise birthday guest tonight, and he was my kind enough to take care of us. #harrystyles #harrystylespaidourbartabandyouwerenthere #1d #onedirection #tweens #laurelhardware"

She tweeted about the outpouring of comments: "My social experiment to see how crazy 1d fans are on the Internet worked-and the universe rewarded me more than I could imagine. #hilarious"

On Instagram, she explained: "One directioners are hilarious. Thank you for making my morning and being everything I hoped you'd be in my social media experiment. I knew if I posted something I'd get the fans blowing my feed up, but I knew if I wrote something they didn't like they insanity of the 1d fans would be more than I could hope for. It worked. Conclusion, #bitchesbecrazy #1d #sorrynotsorry Please try to relax some in life, it'll make you much happier."

She did thank Harry for the fun, tweeting: "In all realness though thank you #harrystyles for making my friend's birthday amazing. Couldn't resist having some fun with your fans though"

When she was asked how she and her friends met Harry, she explained on Instagram: "we happened to be at the same bar sitting next to his table."

As for the cupcake smush, she explained it was his idea, "but it became a group effort. He was lovely."

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