Ryan Guzman Dishes on Playing Jennifer Lopez's Teen Lover in 'The Boy Next Door'

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In the upcoming thriller flick The Boy Next Door, Ryan Guzman stars as a teen who has an affair with a teacher (Jennifer Lopez) and later reveals he has one seriously crazy side.

Before his psychotic tendencies start to show though, Ryan does one heck of a job reeling the "Booty" singer in. So, what's the key to seducing J. Lo?

When Variety Latino asked Ryan that question, he said with a laugh, "I'm still looking to find that out, I don't know. It's written in the script, it said kiss her and seduce her, so I said 'alright'."

Their steamy love scenes aside, Ryan seemed to have a blast working with J.Lo on the film, saying, "You learn so much when you work with Jennifer Lopez 'cause she just does everything. While we were filming she was writing a book, she was working on her album, she was doing 'American Idol' and still being a mom of two."

"I was like 'Jen, you need to slow down. You're going to tire yourself out,' but that woman is an Energizer bunny," he continued. "She just never stops, and I learned that that work ethic is why she's made it to where she is."

"A lot of kids these days – myself included – think that fame is going to come if you just do one thing at a time. But, it's kind of balance of spreading yourself too thin and knowing what works and accomplishing that and I learned that through her."

The Boy Next Door hits theaters Jan. 23, 2015.
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