This Tiny Hamster Takes No Mercy in Competition Against Hot Dog Eating Champ Kobayashi

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Let the hot dog eating battle begin!

On one side of the competition sits Tiny Hamster, who rose to fame after videos of him chowing down on a teensy slice of pizza, tiny burritos and a mini birthday cake went viral.

His component is on the other side - competitive hot dog eating champ Kobayashi, who is ready to take down the little muncher with his top notch grubbing skills.

After the referee gives the duo the signal to start, they attack their hot dogs, with the tiny hamster eating tiny dog after tiny dog at lightning speed. As Kobayashi turns up the heat and stuffs his mouth with full-size hot dogs, he still proves to be no match for the chubby little guy who hasn't even taken a breath in between bites.

Tiny Hamster actually is still eating after he is declared the winner and Kobayashi places a gold medal around his neck.

Check out the full, hilarious video of the hot dog eating match-up in the clip above!

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