Britney Spears Accused of Ripping Off Lingerie Design

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Britney Spears' lingerie line has been drawing a lot of attention, and for pretty much all the wrong reasons.

Originally, everyone accused the pop star of Photoshopping her sneak peek photos. Then she released a second preview and everyone said she'd shopped those, too. Who really cares, though? If people think those are the first ads to be Photoshopped (if they even were), they clearly haven't been looking close enough.

This new controversy, however, could be a bigger problem...and you can't just erase it with the click of a mouse.

An employee from Los Angeles lingerie retailer Addiction Nouvelle took to Instagram to share the similarity she noticed between some pieces from their collection and one of Britney's promotional ads.

"The sneak peak of Britney's new intimates collection looks more like a copy of the full bra and high waist panty by Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie...that you can purchase in our Beverly Hills store #addictionnouvellelingerie #copycat #britneybitch," she wrote, along with this side-by-side comparison.

They do look kind of similar, but then again, don't all black bras look alike? The mesh panel is kind of a unique feature and it's on both sets of lingerie, but does that mean Britney copied them?

What do you guys think? Just a coincidence or does the employee have a point?
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